High power performance

Hitaltech’s new range of high power terminal blocks and connectors enable high current inputs and outputs to be connected to a printed circuit board. Typical applications include high-capacity frequency converters, power supplies and battery chargers. The terminal blocks come in either modular interlocking versions or solid blocks of up to eight poles and are available in a range of pitches, wire entry sizes up to 35mm and current rating up to 125A. Versions with side flanges are also available so the terminal block can be screwed to the PCB for mechanical stability.

Connectors are available up to 16 poles, with wire entry sizes up to 16mm and current rating up to 76A. Screw flanges enable the male and female to be locked together to enhance reliability in high vibration applications.

Moulded from green UL94V0 flame retardant plastic, additional features include rising clamp screw terminals and polarised connector moulding to ensure correct connection.