Quadrant has introduced a new range of sub-miniature, blind mate, push-on, 50ohm RF connectors from Telegrtner designed for cable assembly and PCB to PCB applications with a frequency requirement of up to 12GHz.
Telegrtner SMP connectors boast a high quality push-on coupling mechanism and mating faces that meet MIL-STD-348A. They are ideal for applications such as high speed signal
transmission lines in communications equipment.
Cable terminations are either crimp or solder designs for flexible or semi-rigid cable. Board-to-board connections can be made using SMP bullets. These female to female, blind-mate adaptors offer a flexible link between PCB mounted male connectors.
Different coupling mechanisms are available: smooth bore allows for maximum float when mating with radial and axial misalignment between mating planes, while limited and full detent coupling is ideal for mobile applications with shock and vibration requirements.
The mating cycle capability is said to be greater than 100, 500 and 1,000 for full detent, limited detent and smooth bore respectively and all types are ideal for use in military and commercial applications such as satellite, radar, telematics and other communications equipment.