Holding stock for rolling stock

Hypertac has extended its portfolio for harsh environments with a DIN 43652 standard connector suitable for railway applications. The HyperMod range is NF F 61030 railways approved, making it ideal for use with internal and external on board rail equipment, as well as signalling and infrastructure equipment.

Purchasers can choose from six shell sizes and five types of module, using a modular approach which Hypertac claims will reduce cost for rail customers. Configurations can also be specified with signal, power coaxial contacts and fibre optics links. Hypertac offers buyers a guide to selecting the best configuration and appropriate shells.

As part of the DIN 43652 industrial connector range Hypertac can supply a selection of contacts, mating housings and hood options. Features such as IP68 waterproofing and anti-shock metallic shells with metallic levers for quick locking, can also be specified. For added protection against electromagnetic disturbances, Hypertac has developed a shielded version said to offer higher electromagnetic compatibility.

HyperMod connectors utilise the companys Hyperboloid contact technology, designed to offer resistance to shock and vibration, as well as ensuring over 1,000 mating cycles without electrical or mechanical degradation.