Illuminated switches with a positive feel

Knitter-switch has announced a new series of pushbutton switches that will find wide interest among manufacturers of test and measurement instruments, multimedia devices and industrial automation systems. Because the MPLS 12 series has a long travel of >5mm, users get what knitter-switch calls a distinctive switch feeling when using the new switch. This positive actuation response gives users tactile reassurance that the switch has activated. This can be very useful in noisy environments such as factories and control rooms.

The switches are offered in white, red, amber, green, blue and with amber/green or red/green Dual-LED. Thanks to the use of gold-plated contacts and terminals, switching current is a minimum of 10A

The MPLS 12 series of pushbutton switches are surface mount products suitable for 260C reflow soldering and feature a mechanical lifetime of at least 30 000 operations. Both latching and momentary types are offered.

The new switches are available from a number of distributors throughout Europe. Samples are usually available on next day delivery.