Improving D-type performance

A new range of Positronic sub-miniature D type connectors from Aerco uses PosiBand pin technology that provides an improved method of creating female closed entry contacts and so offers a significant advantage over standard connectors of this type. PosiBand technology, developed by Positronic and used in military connectors for a number of years is now being imported into other products, including these new D types Most D sub-miniature connectors use a sleeve design where the main part of the contact has sloped, split tines to provide force on the male contacts when mating. Although a sleeve is then placed over the main part of the contact to provide a closed entry, the split tines are still susceptible to being pried open and also, because the tines must be depressed to provide normal force, the contact area is reduced with extensive use.

PosiBand contacts have a two-piece contact design with each piece serving a separate function. The main body of the assembly provides a true closed entry contact while a spring clip, made of spring tempered Beryllium copper, provides normal force on the male contact. This makes PosiBand contacts much less susceptible to damage than traditional split tine designs while, because the PosiBand pin is not sloped, the interface area between the male and female contacts is greatly increased providing better electrical integrity. Another significant advantage is that, because the PosiBand spring clip provides the contact force, the base contact can be made of brass that has excellent crimping properties.

The PosiBand system is available on RD series, HD series, DD series, PCD series, and PCDD series connectors.