In touch with demand

Touch sensors from Zytronic have been specified for a new family of interactive kiosks manufactured by Touch4. The Zytouch sensors are used to create a durable 17in touchscreen, which is suitable for a variety of retail, hospitality and commercial applications, both indoors and outdoors, as well as in harsh operating conditions.

Kiosks in the GP2 family incorporate a high visibility screen with maximum resolution of SXGA, 1280 by 1024 pixels. Touch accuracy is said to be better than 1mm, with the Zytouch design providing resistance to contamination and facilitating integrated safety glass as standard. Zytronics projected capacitive technology (PCT) also ensures that Touch4 kiosks can be used with gloved and ungloved fingers, which is key for outdoor use.

The technology works by projecting the sensing field in front of the sensor array, making it possible to detect contact even when the sensor is behind a glass or polycarbonate panel up to 20mm thick. In addition to protecting against wear and tear as well as deliberate or accidental damage, Zytouch also allows for sealing against the ingress of moisture, dust or contaminants such as food. Resistance to cleaning materials and harsh solvents is also inherent.

Discussing the selection of Zytronics PCT sensing, Touch4s sales director, Dave Porter, said: We considered conventional resistive and capacitive touch technologies but only PCT touch sensors allowed us to meet our criteria relating to visibility, accuracy, reliability and durability. Whats more we were able to create a bezel-free design in which the touchscreen is flush with the kiosk exterior.