Inductive touch sensing analogue front end launched

Microchip announces the MCP2036 Analogue Front End (AFE) for inductive touch-sensing applications. Complementing the companys royalty-free mTouch Inductive Touch-Sensing solutions, the MCP2036 AFE works with almost any 8-, 16- or 32-bit PIC microcontroller (MCU) or dsPIC Digital Signal Controller (DSC), making it even easier and more cost effective for designers to enhance user interfaces with inductive touch-sensing technology. The inductive-touch AFE includes a multiplexer, a frequency mixer, an amplifier, a driver and a voltage reference; drastically lowering component count, and reducing design size and cost.

Inductive touch-sensing fundamental operating principles enable it to work through a range of materials, such as plastic, stainless steel or aluminium, as well as thick gloves and on surfaces where liquids are present.

These characteristics make inductive touch sensing suitable for applications in the appliance market, where stainless steel is used for front panels. Its robustness makes inductive touch-sensing suitable for the industrial market, while the ability to create aesthetically appealing designs coupled with a low accidental triggering capability also make it suitable for automotive applications.

Microchips inductive-touch technology provides unique capabilities that complement its capacitive touch-sensing products, as the company continues to make it easier and less expensive for engineers to make use of these unique features for applications requiring metal finishing and robust operation in wet environments.