Inductors for portable products

The new range of low profile surface mount inductors from Coilmaster Electronics is now available from DMTL. The components are ideal for DC-DC converter choke coil applications in situations such as portable and hand held equipment. Designated the SDR or SQH3010S , 3012S , 3015S and 4012S series, the inductance range spans 1H to 1000H with current ratings from 0.7A to 20A. The standard SDR products are of open construction and are non shielded whilst the SQH3010S, 3012S , 3015S and 4012S series are both sealed, making them more appropriate for vapour soldering or post assembly washing, and are magnetically shielded against EMI and RFI.

DMTL are able to supply sample components and are always happy to help in specifying or cross-referencing suitable products. Of particular interest will be those manufacturers who are using Taiyo Yuden NR series products for which the Coilmaster component can be a very suitable alternative.

OEM or sub contract manufacturers of equipment such as PDAs, cellular devices, portable music players etc. will find the Coilmaster SDR or SQH3010S, 3012S, 3015S and 4012S series inductors ideal for their applications.