Industrial connectors: fast and reliable

Reliability and easy assembly for applications involving high contact densities. These are the hallmarks Harting is claiming for its Han-Quick Lock termination technology Harting states the new technique combines the space-saving benefits of crimp technology with simple, rapid assembly, providing a rugged, vibration-resistant termination without the need for special tooling. This plug-and-play assembly allows quick, safely disconnection and reconnection for during maintenance or upgrades.

Han-Quick Lock is based on a radial cage-clamp termination technique, featuring a round spring that encloses the conductor strands, allowing high contact packing densities thanks to the radially symmetrical spring terminal.

The mating surface forms a specially shaped mandrel, with the necessary contact pressure created on a surrounding edge. The connection is opened with an actuator. The zero insertion force conductor ensures thin strands can be introduced into the connection without distortion.

Pressing the actuator fixes the conductor into position. Since the actuator closes flush with the connector, a visual check helps ensure all connections are fixed. The conductor is released by retracting the actuator. The same conductor can be connected a number of times.