Industry-leading power density

Texas Instruments has introduced a fully integrated, 10-A synchronous buck converter with integrated FETs that combines wide input, light load efficiency and reduced solution size to enable increased power density. The TPS51315, a 1-MHz DC/DC switcher, features D-CAP Mode control scheme, which allows a fast transient response while reducing the required number of external output capacitors by 32 percent compared to competing devices.

This converter helps designers meet Energy Star/90 Plus guidelines by utilizing auto-skip mode and Eco-modeTM light load control schemes to achieve high efficiency across the entire load range.

Its wide input and output voltage ranges and programmable switching frequency can enable designers to meet the requirements of power-dense applications in embedded PCs, notebooks and other computing applications, as well as base stations and network attached storage.

Key features and benefits

Input voltage of 3 V to 14 V and an output voltage range of 0.75 V to 5.5 V allows for flexible design in 3.3-V, 5-V and 12-V power systems and can power various components, such as DSPs, FPGAs, ASICs, I/O and DDR memory cores
Integrated power MOSFETs enable high efficiency of more than 91 percent at full 10-A output current
Adaptive on-time D-CAP Mode control scheme allows less than 100 nsec response time in load step transient with fewer components
Selectable auto-skip/Eco-mode light load control schemes achieve high efficiency at light loads
Complements TIs full power management portfolio for chipset cores and DDR memory, including PWM controllers, DDR termination linear regulators, DC/DC converters and controllers and power interface devices.

The TPS51315 is available now in a 40-pin 5mm x 7mm QFN package and is priced at $3.80 in quantities of 1,000.