Integrated antenna in rugged enclosure

Laird Technologies has announced its new dual-band 5 GHz antenna. This new antenna system integrates the two frequency bands of 2400-2850 MHz 12dBi and 4900-5850 MHz 16dBi, the companys patented RJ45-ECS field replaceable feed-through Ethernet connector, as well as UV-resistant radomes that are made of ASA plastic and stainless steel hardware. Additionally, seven antenna connector options are available to adapt to any users equipment.

Laird Technologies designed this antenna and enclosure to accommodate smaller-sized equipment requirements for Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) suppliers and carriers who deploy industrial WiFi / WLAN / WiMax / LTE systems, mesh networks, Wi-PoP base stations, and client antennas using Point-to-Point and WISP applications.

The metallic die-cast enclosure is available as a stand-alone unit with an integrated low-gain antenna, a detachable high-gain panel antenna or an aluminum box with no antenna. All models have a removable and customizable user-mounting plate inside for easy installation of electronics, as well as a hinged cover with an IP-67 water and dust seal rating for easy maintenance.

The HD RooTenna is available in either pole-mount or wall-mount versions, with or without a heavy duty tilt bracket. There are eight engineered knockouts that eliminate the need for drilling: seven for cable configurations and one for a bulkhead connector-only configuration.