Intelligent display solutions

Anders Electronics has added two display platforms to its UMR 5 series. The new 3.5in QVGA and 4.3in WQVGA TFT products are designed to make colour displays with touchscreen and embedded functionality more accessible and cost-effective. This makes them ideal for mainstream industrial and medical applications where user experience, reduced development costs and time to market are crucial. Display components comprise an amorphous silicon TFT with LED backlight and the devices are pre-integrated with an optimised, multi-functional embedded system. This eliminates the hassle of selecting display controllers, designing backlight and power supply circuits or sourcing specialised connectors.

These intelligent displays support the animation functionality found in iPhone-like consumer devices thanks to Anders UMR interface development suite (IDS), which includes a desktop interface builder and on-board runtime vector graphics engine.

Development kits are available now and include a 60-day free evaluation of Anders UMR IDS.