Introducing next generation HDMI

Molex has introduced the next generation HDMI* Type D (Micro) connector, recently announced by the HDMI Licensing Committee, to meet the digital interface requirements of consumer electronic products. The HDMI Type D (Micro) connector is the industrys first miniaturised connector solution for delivering high definition video and images from mobile devices to flat panel screens. The connector, which meets all the electrical and mechanical specifications of the HDMI Specification 1.4, will provide significant benefits to the digital still camera and mobile device markets.

The HDMI Type D connector standard was developed by the HDMI Consortium. As an integral part of this team for the HDMI Type D concept, Molex was responsible for proposing the connector design and connector specification.

The new HDMI Type D Micro Connector is designed to meet the needs of portable devices by providing these products with a fully functioning, smaller 19-pin connector. We are pleased to see companies like Molex leading the way by providing the market with these new, innovative HDMI solutions, says Steve Venuti, president of HDMI Licensing, LLC.

The new Type D (Micro) connector is about half the size of the current Type C (Mini) HDMI connector on the market today. Despite its smaller size, the new Type D version delivers equivalent mechanical strength and electrical characteristics. Mobile phone and consumer manufacturers have expressed strong interest in this new technology that will enable users to display higher definition video, photos and other content from their mobile devices onto full-size flat panel TV screens.

In addition to our recent Emmy Award win for the HDMI Type A connector, our next generation Type D connector is further evidence of Molexs leadership in innovative I/O technology development, said Scott Sommers, group manager, new product development, Molex Incorporated. Molex continues to drive market innovation with the worlds smallest I/O connector, providing consumers with higher definition video and images.