Invest in telecom protection

ON Semiconductor introduces the NP-MC series, a new family of ultra-low capacitance thyristor surge protection devices (TSPDs) designed to protect sensitive telecom equipment from transient overvoltage conditions. With capacitance values 40 to 50 percent lower than existing products on the market, the NP-MC devices provide protection with minimal signal distortion in high-speed xDSL, T1/E1 and other broadband data transmission equipment.

Available with a full range of industry-standard voltage levels and surge current ratings from 50 amperes (A) to 200 A, this new series of TSPDs from ON Semiconductor provides a solution for DSLAM, FTTx, ethernet, POE and VoIP systems. The low nominal offstate capacitance translates into extremely low differential capacitance offering superb linearity with applied voltage or frequency. Low leakage currents, precise turn-on voltages, and low voltage overshoot along with high surge current capability, underline the NP-MC series class-leading specification.

The NP-MC transient surge protection series is a breakthrough product that not only enables designers to achieve compliance with stringent industry standards, but also specify remarkably low capacitance to minimize troublesome distortion that often plagues the latest high-speed telecom circuits, said Gary Straker, general manager of Protection and Control Division at ON Semiconductor. The fact that these new circuit protection devices offer fast switching and high surge current ratings positions ON Semiconductor to better service our customers needs.

The new bidirectional, surface mount devices enable designers to achieve compliance with the various industry regulatory standards such as GR-1089-CORE, ITU-T-K.20/K.21/K.45, and IEC 60950. Housed in a small 2.6 mm x 4.3 mm SMB package, the Pb-free NP-MC series provides a space saving and cost effective solution for todays high-speed wired communication networks. The NP-MC series of devices are budgetary priced between $0.12 and $0.25 USD per unit in 10,000 unit quantities.

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