iSuppli establishes Advanced Learning Centre

To excel in todays intensely competitive electronics industry, its essential for corporations to cultivate the skills of their key managers and staff. While companies can choose from any number of professional training programs, none adequately addresses the unique characteristics and complexities of the electronics supply chain according to Dan Hawtof, vice president, Performance Research Services at iSuppli Corp.

Theres no question that the electronics industry is different from other businesses, Hawtof said. We have our own language, a high complex supply chain and very short product life cycles. It can be extremely difficult for electronics companies, even the largest ones, to keep staff current on the latest information and practices. To help its clients achieve the best possible performance, iSuppli has established the Advanced Learning Centre, which offers specialized training, workshops, and professional forums for electronics companies.

Im really excited about the work were doing in the Advanced Learning Centre, Hawtof said. iSuppli is now launching six new courses for OEM procurement teams, covering everything from supplier relationship management and strategic supplier assessment to cross-cultural negotiation in low-cost geographies. In August, we hosted the first iSuppli Think Tank for component suppliers and distribution to study trends in outsourcing. Later this year, iSuppli will begin offering programs for managers in marketing and sales with topics like strategic differentiation and customer loyalty.

Courses from the Advanced Learning Centre are conducted on-site at the clients facility. All the Advanced Learning Centre courses are designed to be highly interactive so that the participants can immediately begin to internalize the knowledge and skills presented.

One of the best things about these classes is the interaction between the participants and the analysts presenting the material. Usually doesnt take more than a few minutes before everyones involved in a major debate. These courses can be great environments for learning’.

Courses for procurement professionals are available immediately from the iSuppli Advanced Learning Centre.

Through the Advanced Learning Centre, were helping companies learn how to gather, interpret and apply knowledge in ways that have an immediate and positive impact on their performance.