Joining forces on opto expertise

Opto specialist, Pacer, has acquired the distribution arm of Rocotech International, a company with 15 years experience in photonics components and systems. Existing suppliers and customers will be transferred to Pacer with immediate effect.

New suppliers will broaden Pacers portfolio with moulded aspheric lenses, graded index lenses and fibre coupled collimators from Lightpath Technologies, miniature array spectrometers, diode pumped solid state lasers and light sources from B&W Tek and a range of acousto optic products from Brimrose Corporation.

Rocotechs managing director and Pacers new director of Rocotech Products, Colin Thomas, will supervise a three-year programme to transfer sales and technical capabilities from Rocotech to Pacer as well as product and market knowledge. His responsibilities will also include ensuring the smooth transfer of Rocotechs existing customers and suppliers.