Keep the noise down

Intersil’s ISL28127 is a 40V low-noise bipolar precision operational amplifier said to offer best-in-class performance for instrumentation, industrial and data acquisition. The device is said to operate with 20 percent lower noise and consumes 30 percent less power than competing devices. It offers outstanding low-frequency voltage noise performance and excellent DC precision with 70mV max offset voltage and 10nA max input bias current. It also features superb offset voltage drift performance of 0.5mV/degree C max, and is unity-gain stable over the full -40 to +125 degree C temperature range. The ISL28127 exhibits a wide operating supply voltage range of 4.5V to 40V and a gain bandwidth of 10MHz.

These specifications make the ISL28127 ideal for laboratory instrumentation, automated test equipment, power line monitors, weight measurement systems, and environmental analyzers that require low DC noise. The low distortion and gain accuracy also make the ISL28127 ideal for low-noise preamps, loop filters, strain gauge sensors and precision power sources.

Key advantages of ISL28127 include: ultra-low noise performance to achieve low noise gain error and high gain accuracy for 12-bit to 24-bit signal front-end applications; high DC precision for 12-bit to 24-bit processing over the extended temperature range (low offset drift); simplified design-in, due to the versatile wide voltage operating range that provides extended dynamic range and full-scale input and output; high ESD protection (4kV HBM) reduces in-field failures for industrial applications such as data acquisition and process control.

Pricing for the ISL28127 starts at $1.05 each in 1,000-piece quantities in SOIC 8-lead packages.