Keyboard beats bacterial

New wireless keyboards for use with hospital patient entertainment and point-of-care terminals are hygienic, monitoring their own disinfect status to give reminders when sterilisation is due. Keyboards can harbour strains of harmful bacteria such as MRSA and E coli and pose a significant cross-contamination risk as they can be easily passed from user to user. JAOtechs Wyki keyboard has been specifically designed to minimise this risk, and has a Smart Disinfect feature allowing staff to define periods within which a keyboard must be sterilised. This is in line with research by microbiologists at UCLH (University College, London Hospital), which showed that bacterial levels on keyboards fall by 70 per cent if they are cleaned every 12 hours. The new JAOtech Wyki keyboards integrate seamlessly with the companys Smart Terminal range, providing a convenient interface for patient records, web browsing, TV and VoIP applications.

The Wyki keys themselves have a flat design with smooth contours that can be reliably and easily cleaned with hospital approved germicidal sprays or wipes, including alcohol based compounds. To simplify cleaning, a disinfect button is provided to deactivate the other keys on the keyboard and prevent accidental keypresses during cleaning. The keyboard has a non-porous surface, and the base is manufactured using plastics injected with Novaron, an anti-microbial agent that eliminates the spread of infections.

The Wykis all-in-one design means that no covers need to be replaced or disposed of and no drying or submersion in water is required at any point. The Wyki also comes with the option of a bright backlight under the keys for use in dark environments or during night time.

Wyki can be integrated with JAOtechs Smart Terminal range through a docking station. It can be paired with a terminal at the push of a button, to ensure reliable operation even on a ward where multiple terminals and keyboards are being used. The wireless USB connection has a range of 10m, and is not susceptible to interference from objects in its path as it uses radio frequency signals. The unit is powered by a battery with a six hour life that recharges automatically when the keyboard is docked. German and French keyboard layouts are also available.