Laser diode modules designed for harsh environments

Photonic Products has showcasing its exciting new range of variable focus industrial laser diode modules. Constructed to withstand the harshest conditions and satisfy the most challenging of industrial applications, Photonic Products new range of variable focus industrial laser diode modules offers the high performance and the high boresight accuracy of <0.25 of the existing range of standard industrial laser modules with the added bonus of user-adjustable focus for greater flexibility and fine tuning. The range is designed to be a complete OEM laser solution for heavy duty manufacturing processes such as micro-machining, marking, cutting, drilling, welding, forming, soldering and many other industrial laser uses where superior quality, durability and robust performance are critical. To this end, the industrial modules are encapsulated in a hard-coat anodised case with a scratch-resistant sapphire window to protect the lens They are designed and built for ease of use – any time the laser needs to be changed, the connectors; either 2.5mm DC jack or industrial screw-on, make childs play of installation and replacement and their compact size allows for easy and efficient integration into existing production systems. The variable focus industrial laser module is available in a variety of wavelengths from 635nm to 830nm with optical output powers from 0.97mW to 27.50mW, with either a standard elliptical output beam or line generating optics that generate a 45, 60 or 90 full fan angle line giving straight-line precision without bowing. The beam is aligned to <0.25 to the mechanical axis of the laser giving high boresight accuracy. With optical output powers from 0.95mW to 27.50mW, operating voltage of 5V DC regulated 10% and operating temperature from -10 C to +50 C, the modules are static, surge and reverse polarity protected and RoHS compliant. Electrical connections are made via an industrial screw-on connector or 2.5mm jack. The standard lens may be replaced by other optical systems such as line or cross generators. Photonic Products range of variable focus industrial laser modules offers rugged, durable performance at an extremely economical price. Laser source, beam delivery, variable focus optical system – OEMs get a complete laser system with Photonic Products industrial laser modules which can be individually tailored to their application, asserted David McGuinness, Director of Sales, Photonic Products Ltd. We continue to lead the market in designing and building robust, reliable and practical laser solutions for our customers.