Learn to drive power LEDs

YEG Opto has announced the availability of the new KC24AH Series PWM DIM constant current output LED driver. The KC24AH Series is a step-down constant current source designed for driving high power LEDs. The output currents available are 300mA, 350mA, 500mA, 600mA, 700mA. The KC24AH series is fully featured with very high efficiency, wide input voltage range, high ambient operating temperature,PWM dimming and Remote ON/OFF.

Features include: efficiency up to 95%; onstant current output; power LED driver; wide input voltage range; PWM dimming; remote ON/OFF; and short circuit protection.

This is a PWM type digital dimming, which you can control the output current by adjusting the pulse width of the PWM signal. Io_set=Io_normD Io_set refers to the wanted output current value. Io_norm refers to the rated output current D refers to the pulse width of the PWM signal

For example: we assume the rated output current is 300mA and wanted output current is 150mA, then the pulse width should be 0.5 from the equation above. That is say if we keep the pulse width of PWM signal at 0.5, the output current will be kept at 150mA. It is natural for the driver to generate a audibly noise in dimming process, because the frequency of the control circuit is within human audibly range (20Hz~20KHz).