LED driver available in pre-production quantities

Allegro’s A6210 high efficiency 3A, 2MHz step-down LED driver is now available in pre-production quantities from Solid State Supplies. The device is available in custom quantities on 7in and 13in mini-reels with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 500, increasing in 50 piece increments to meet customers requirements. Since the manufacturer retracted availability of this product in tube quantities, the MOQ was a full reel of 4000 pieces which left customers in pre-production with a sourcing problem, explains Andy Cornwell, Business Development Manager, Solid State Supplies. Solid State Supplies is happy to be able to bridge the gap between sample and production quantities with our mini-reeling service.

The A6210’s thermally-enhanced package combined with the device’s 90%+ efficiency ensure it runs only marginally above ambient temperature, even when driving ultra-high brightness LEDs. Its compact size and high efficiency make it suitable for space-constrained applications such as inside small MR16 and MR11 lamps, while its high current and medium voltage capability serve high-power applications such as street lighting. It is also suitable for a wide variety of other LED driver modules, power supplies and lamps.

High switching frequencies of up to 2.0 MHz help to reduce system cost since only small, low-value inductors and capacitors are required. In addition, few external components are required through high levels of integration, including a 3A switch.

A pre-configured spreadsheet is available to assist designers with component value selection. The device uses valley current-mode control, a scheme which allows very short switch-on times, making it ideal for applications that require high switching frequencies, high input voltages and low output LED span voltages. The switching frequency is maintained constant since the on-time is modulated by the input voltage. This feed-forward control ensures excellent line correction. The on-time is set by an external resistor pulled-up to the input supply.

Internal housekeeping and bootstrap supplies are provided which require the addition of only one small ceramic capacitor. A top-off charge pump ensures correct operation at light loads. Internal diagnostics provide comprehensive protection against input undervoltages and overtemperatures. The A6210 is RoHS-compliant with 100% matte tin leadframe plating and is supplied in a compact, low-profile 4 x 4 x 0.75mm QFN package.