LEDs combine low power and high luminosity

Hylec-APL has introduced a new series of high-output LEDs to compliment its existing range of lighting equipment and accessories. Aimed primarily at OEMs and distributors the LEDs provide low power requirements and high reliability with a very high luminosity. LEDs are used in many applications from backlighting for signs to the newest supercars. The LEDs have a low thermal resistance compared to traditional variations and are available in a range of colours.

The new Kingbright ceramic SMD LEDs feature moisture sensitivity level 2a and ESD protection. Available colours are blue, green, red and yellow in either 250mA or 350mA. The LEDs are in a ceramic package with silicone encapsulation providing the essential advantages of a ceramic substrate, including high thermal conductivity and a very low thermal resistance in comparison to traditional variations.

Due to the low power requirements and high luminosity of the products there are many applications that these LEDs are suitable for including architectural and decorative lighting, backlighting for signs and lighting for safety applications such as traffic lights. The automotive industry is also beginning to use LED technology, as can be seen on the headlights of new Audi models and tail and head lights of new hypercars such as the new Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport.