LEDs have the X-factor

Hylec-APL has introduced a range of super bright LEDs from Kingbright, said to combine the low power and high reliability of solid state lighting with high luminosity, ideal for safety and signalling applications. Kingbright X-Power high current LEDs are supplied either as single SMD LEDs or pre-mounted on a star-shaped PCB. Red, green, blue and yellow are available up to 1W units, red and yellow are available up to 2W and blue units are available in three and 5W variations. An RGB version is also available. All variants allow for high current drive at low voltage with low thermal resistance and ESD protection up to 8,000V.

Potential applications include traffic signalling, backlighting for signs and advertising, flashlights, signal and marker lighting and emergency lighting, plus commercial and residential lighting and automotive applications such as rear brake lights. The units have an operating temperature range of -40 to 85degreeC and can be used indoors and out.