Life-saving leads

Multi-Contact has made some additions to its Medicalline range of 1.5 and 2.0mm leads with improved cable specifications and a robust multi-strand tinsel wire product ideal for purchasers in the medical sector. Buyers can now specify Multi-Contacts universal ECG clips with a 4.0mm socket or a lead fitted with DIN 42802 1.5mm Touchproof sockets or E-DIN 42802-2 2.0mm Touchproof plugs. The enhanced Universal ECG is compatible with ECG pads featuring snap stud, clip or simple tab connection.
Responding to the demands of the medical industry, Multi-Contact has also introduced tinsel wire technology developed to improve flexibility, resistance to reverse bending and tensile strength. These silver-plated wires are formed from multiple strands of textile threads braided with flat conductors to achieve a robust construction.

Multi-Contacts technical manager, Charlie Galiszewski, said: Additions to the Medicalline range enhance our product line to address specific electro-medical equipment requirements.