Lightweight, low-cost connector solution

ITT Interconnect Solutions has designed a hermetically-sealed connector with a lightweight aluminium shell for low-pressure water immersion or fording applications which meets the requirements of MIL-STD-810 Method 512.5 and IP67. The new KJAYA connector is designed to extend ITTs Mil-DTL-38999 hermetic connector range, which are designed for pressure differentials in excess of 750 PSI and operating temperatures of up to 200degC. However, many water immersion applications only require a one atmosphere pressure differential (15 PSI) or less and operate at temperatures below 150degC.

Engineered to ITTs most stringent quality standards, the new KJAYA lightweight aluminium shell connector provides hermetic sealing of 0.01 micron cubic feet per hour for pressure differentials of 15 PSI, and is 50 per cent lighter overall than standard hermetic connectors in the rest of ITTs Mil-DTL-38999 range.

The KJAYA connector features a special sealant based hermetic design and is water immersion sealed to 10 to -7 cubic cm per second. Operating temperature range is a wide -55 to +150degC. It is offered in wall and jam nut mounting receptacles in sizes 9 through 25, and its lightweight aluminium shell has copper alloy contacts for reduced electrical resistance.

Devices are available in MIL-DTL-38999 standard insert patterns with either PC tail or poke-home crimp piggyback terminations. The crimp version uses standard M39029/57 short socket contacts for quick cable termination, offering customers the benefits of standardization and reduced inventory holding, while drop-in PC tail versions allow fast termination to the PCB or flex circuitry.

Other applications include: integrated avionics, electronic warfare systems; radar and navigation.