Local access to connector resource

In the run-up to Electronics Sourcings connector purchasing feature, Jon Barrett asked Martecs managing director, Dan Harnett, why the companys UK design manufacturing centre is so appealing to buyers Like many areas of electronics manufacturing its easy to assume connector production has moved, in its entirety, offshore. Not so, look a little deeper and purchasers will find a healthy UK-based connector manufacturing industry specialising in value-added services. One such business is Whitstable-based Martec, a company specialising in the design and production of interconnection solutions incorporating hermetic connectors, glass-to-metal seals and ceramic feed-throughs.

Managing director, Dan Harnett, explained why purchasers value Martecs offering: Firstly, as a 100 per cent UK owned and managed business, Martecs standing can help customers navigate the ITAR regulations which control the purchasing and supply of components that could be used in defence equipment. The technical performance of Martecs products sees them used in extreme environments including military and civil aircraft engines and similar demanding systems.

Secondly, with its 21-year history, Martec offers UK-based purchasers local access to an experienced team of design and manufacturing engineers with a successful track record in research, development and manufacturing. Customers looking to source more than just a component can have confidence in Martecs ability to solve engineering challenges while simultaneously adding value to the end product. When supplying a connector, examples of value-added services include the provision of cabling, filters and modified back-shells.

Martec also offers a range of standard and own-brand connectors. Standard MIL specification connectors are offered with customer back-shell solutions in panel, flange and solder mount configurations covering: Mil-c 38999; 26482; 5015 and EN2997.

The companys own-brand products include the M12 hermetic connector which is finding favour in UK and international markets, illustrating Martecs global reach which extends to the EU, US and Far East. Likewise, the company is also rolling-out a new high pressure sub-sea connector range with dry mating capability.