Long life sensor provides multiple output profiles

TT electronics BI Technologies has developed a non-contact single-turn Hall Effect sensor said to offer high accuracy, high resolution and long life cycle precision. Designated MagnePot, the Model 6120 Hall Effect position sensor features extremely low mechanical torque with a programmable electrical angle from five to 360 degrees.

‘Available in three standard configurations plus custom models, and featuring low noise and a rotational life to 10 million cycles, the MagnePot sensor is a highly versatile device, ‘ said Alain Leon, product marketing manager for BI Technologies. ‘Coupled with the high accuracy and high resolution of the device, as well as multiple factory-programmable output profiles ranging from linear to non-linear (multi-slope or piece-wise linear), the single-turn Hall Effect sensor is ideally suited for three-wire voltage divider applications.’

The MagnePot Hall Effect position sensors are available in three standard styles as well as custom configurations: 1/8′ shaft, 1/4′ bushing; 1/8′ shaft, 3/8′ bushing; and 1/4′ shaft, 3/8′ bushing. Standard independent linearity is 0.5%, with tighter linearity available on spec units. Typical output voltage ranges from 0.25Vdc to 4.75Vdc, while input voltage ranges from 4.5Vdc to 5.5Vdc. Minimum insulation resistance is 1,000Mohms, and operating temperature ranges from -40C to +125C. Custom configurations are also available upon request.

Samples are available in 3-4 weeks, and production lead time is 8 weeks.