Long-Life thermostats for CCTV applications

In CCTV applications where the product location makes them difficult and costly to maintain, you want to ensure any components used are completely reliable. They must give a consistent and accurate performance over a long life-time Fortunately Matsuo MQT series thermostats are IP64 rated, have excellent repeatability (within 0.2K) and life-cycles of upto 1 million operations. They out-perform cheaper disc thermostats on every level and help to minimise costly maintenance calls.

The Matsuo thermostats are superior owing to a unique twin-bimetal system that is stress-free and thus limits set-point drift and maximises cycle-life. They are ideal for anti-condensation/anti-frost applications where the sealed housing protects the contacts and can be supplied with accuracies as small as 1.5K with differentials down to 3K1K. Calibrations from -10/+110deg.C are available.