Long live the LED

Marl has extended its range of filament bulb replacement LEDs, adding both lower and higher voltages to its standard catalogue. The website now offers standard bulb replacement LED lamps in12 and 24V, as well as five, six, 48 and 60V versions. Other voltages can be supplied to order. The range includes direct fit solutions for T.6.8/ T5.5 slide bases, T3 bayonet caps, BA15d and other standard lamp fittings with a mean time between failures on all of models of 100,000 hours. This is thought to be greater than the operating life of many electronic and electrical systems, which means the LEDs are maintenance free. LEDs also use around 70 per cent less energy than filament bulbs.

For an exact colour match with existing incandescent lamp bulbs, Marl offers warm white LEDs that can be fitted behind a coloured lens. To reduce the risk of damage through incorrect connection, the BA15d compatible 225 series is bi-polar, and the 215 series T3 replacement is offered with optional reverse polarity. All LEDs are resistant to shock and vibration and the 225 series features internal potting for increased protection.