Look out for low-cost FPGA-alternative

ACAL Technology is to supply eASIC zero mask-charge ASIC devices, said to provide a low power consumption, low unit cost alternative to FPGAs and a zero mask-charge, fast turnaround alternative to standard cell ASICs. Under the agreement, ACAL will provide design-in, technical, sales and logistical support for customers working with eASIC technology in Belgium. The geographic scope of this agreement also includes UK, The Netherlands and Iberia. ACAL already has agreements in Germany, Italy and France.

The eASIC Nextreme family of devices address the growing gap between FPGA and standard cell ASIC technologies, that has widened as spiraling mask costs reduce the viability of the traditional ramp from FPGA to standard cell ASIC. eASICs innovative technology offers many of the benefits of standard cell ASIC, including low price, high performance and low power consumption. It has achieved this while also delivering the major advantages of FPGAs, such as no up front mask costs and fast turnaround for devices.

Commenting, Matt Ready Vice President, Worldwide Sales at eASIC Corporation Sales said, eASIC Nextreme zero mask-charge ASIC devices can cost as little as 20% of an FPGA, consume 20% of the power of an FPGA and perform up to three times faster than an FPGA. Add to this a growing IP portfolio from eASIC, and you have a very exciting proposition for designers in these tough economic times. eASIC has a great technology and the timing of this technology could not be better as many designers are having to look at cost reducing existing FPGA designs. We are delighted that ACAL is on board as a partner to locally support customers in Belgium.

Dave Ryan, European Director of Marketing at ACAL Technology commenting, said eASIC is a great choice for us. It complements our existing lines and offers opportunities to capture a broader range of designs in low power, low cost and high volume applications. Extending our agreement further across Europe will help to build an increased presence for both eASIC and ACAL in this important world market.