Low cost, high performance

Fischer’s new limited use connector (LUC) is specifically designed for disposable medical devices. It is said to offer high quality connections and is also compatible with high cycle lifetime cable receptacles, such as Fischer’s 104 series brass bodied receptacles. Rated at 5,000 matings, these allow permanent equipment, such as the power supply or control unit, to maintain a high cycle lifetime. Multiple configurations are available for applications such as catheters and surgical hand tools. The plug can be directly mounted into a disposable hand piece or over-moulded with the users own choice of mould. A third option is to mount the plug to a disposable cable, either with a one-piece back shell or a two-piece back shell with snap-lock design. The two-piece model offers an optional ergonomic rubber grip, standard or custom colour options and space to accommodate embedded electronics.

Parts can withstand EtO and Gamma sterilisation as per UL/IEC 60601 directives.