Low power consumption for high-efficiency motor drive

ROHM Semiconductor has completed the development of new bipolar stepping motor drivers for reliable and highly efficient motor driving. The new products feature PWM operation for low power dissipation. All Products are manufactured utilizing DMOS technology. High-reliability and high performance is achieved based on features such as power package with low thermal resistance Ghost Supply Prevention circuit, Over Current Protection, and high ESD resistance. Due to the product design, the number of required external components is reduced and, being able to drive with one system of power supply, the new stepping motor drivers significantly make set designs easier.

ROHM offers a complete line-up of high-voltage, high-performance, standard and low voltage series with a choice of different input-modes – CLK-IN and/or PARALLEL-IN interfaces as well as quarter, half and full steps. Depending on the choice of the series, and for the current decay mode, the ratio of fast, slow or mixed decay can be freely set, so that the optimum control conditions for every motor can be realized.

Built in a thin and compact high-power package, the stepping motor drivers are an ideal solution for industrial equipment such as gaz therms (driving electrical valves and louvers). In addition, they also suite for driving applications like PC peripheral devices, office (OA) equipment, and home electrical appliances.