Lowering production costs

Ovation Products president, Neil MacRaild, explains how the companys technologies are helping manufacturers reduce their production costs Ovations products are designed to deliver simple, easily implemented solutions to long-standing production challenges. As a global player in the electronics market a strong European presence is an essential component of Ovations core strategy, with the UK home to the companys European sales manager.

The company recognises regional differences. Historically Asia has been the high-volume leader and, as of late, North America the region for NPI/high-mix, low/medium-volume production. However, cost-efficient, high yield processes are critical for any successful manufacturing model regardless of locale.

Though the majority of market sectors served by Ovations customers are challenged by the current economic climate, there are certainly areas that are stable or still growing, albeit in single digit percentages. In general, Ovation is seeing a sharpened focus from its entire customer base (regardless of financial condition) on maximising investments and lowering overall production costs. Fortunately, Ovation has been delivering inventive products that save customers money for over 10 years: in prosperous times and during cyclical downturns.

Lowering cost of ownership, improving process performance and driving higher yields are the cornerstone of Ovations product development initiatives. Even a cursory glance at the product portfolio proves as much with Grid-Lok automatic PCB support technology delivering exceptional substrate stability while eliminating continued investment in dedicated fixture plates. Grid-Loks ability to significantly reduce downtime, lower defect rates and eliminate operator intervention has been well-documented and its ROI and performance touted by leading industry experts.

Ovations Stinger printer-adaptable dispensing system converts screen printing equipment into functional automated dispensing machines, offering optimised equipment utilisation, reducing the need for dedicated dispensing equipment and saving valuable floor space. The latest innovation, Magna-Print, is a universal blade holding technology designed to offer one standard holder size for all squeegee blade requirements, significantly reducing costs, improves uptime and simplifies inventory control.

All these technologies were developed inline with Ovations core focus: improve customers processes by delivering simple, exceptionally effective technologies that provide higher yields, increased throughput and reduced overall production costs. This remains Ovations driving force in 2009 and beyond. This focus, combined with ongoing efforts to expand our global presence, positions the company for todays challenging market and better times when the economy returns.

European sales manager, Paddy Ash, explains the companys entrepreneurial and often unconventional approach: Our team is made up of specialist who know the assembly process and all the quirks that come with it. Unlike some companies that develop products just for the sake of having something new to offer, Ovation uses ingenuity and out-of-the-box thinking to engineer new approaches to solve age-old assembly issues. Our Grid-Lok automatic board support technology is a case in point and its worldwide success is evidence of its absolute relevance and remarkable ROI. I have no doubt that Manga-Print and Stinger will prove to be equally as compelling technologies as they come online fully in 2009.

To summarise, customer demand to reduce costs without sacrificing quality or performance is a current requirement but isnt a mindset that will vanish when economic conditions are more robust. Ovations ability to offer meaningful cost savings while simultaneously improving existing processes bodes well now and in the future.

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