Mains rated medical insert

A 230V mains rated insert is now available for ODU’s Medi-Snap range of plastic push-pull locking connectors. Rated at 10A with two contacts, or 9A with three contacts, this insert fits the 14mm diameter bodyshell of the Medi-Snap range. Contacts are 0.9mm diameter for solder connection to AWG 18 or 1mm conductors, with male contacts in the receptacle and female contacts in the plug, for safety protection.

Medi-Snap connectors are autoclavable at 140C with an operating temperature of -50 to 120C. Connectors achieve more than 2,000 mating cycles, with low insertion and withdrawal forces, and 100 per cent protection against accidental contact. Buyers can specify two to 14 contact positions and termination can be crimp, solder-bucket or PCB-mount.