Managing mission critical connectors

Martecs managing director, Dan Harnett, highlights the value of a connector engineering resource ranging from concept to production Hermetic connectors, glass-to-metal seals and ceramic feedthroughs lie at the heart of some of the worlds most advanced military, marine, aerospace, medical and industrial electronic systems. Quality management during their design, manufacture and application is critical to success.

Dan Harnett takes up the story: Over recent weeks Martec has conducted a detailed customer survey designed to highlight the value of its services in a range of industry sectors. This research has confirmed that Martec is seen as an extension of its customers engineering teams, providing the design, manufacturing, application and quality management skills required to get hermetic connectors, glass-to-metal seals and ceramic feedthroughs to market: right-first-time.

It would be easy to assume this high service level comes with a price premium, yet much of the customer feedback described Martecs offering as extremely cost effective. Other customers described Martec as offering unique, world class solutions, delivered fast.

In the past, customers would often approach Martec with a connector drawing, looking for help improving the design. With more companies aware of Martecs capabilities, this customer/supplier relationship is moving further up the supply chain with customers regularly presenting Martec with just a concept.

At this point, Martecs knowledge, skills and experience come into play. Working from the concept, Martec will design the connector (including EMC components and harness if required), manufacture the prototype, work with the customer to refine the design if necessary, qualify the final design if required, then take the product to production volumes.

Throughout this process, quality underpins all actions. The company is ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100 BSI accredited, with quality programmes including advanced mechanical/electrical inspection and non-destructive testing for plating thicknesses, for example: DIN 50987, ASTM B568 and ISO 3497. For failsafe hermeticity, 100 per cent leak testing is offered. Martec also offers full traceability.