Marine and harsh environment-IP68: built to tackle the tough jobs

To provide a snapshot of marine and harsh environment products, Electronics Sourcing swept its news files for interconnect products boasting IP68 performance First up is Lapps Skintop range of cable glands. Skintop Click is designed to make cable mounting up to 70 per cent faster, suiting applications including switch cabinets, automation systems and plant construction. Skintop Clicks key advantage is easy, quick installation without a mounting tool or additional clamping ring.

According to Lapps Matt Ansell: The gland it is simply pushed through the hole, clicked in and rotated. It is then centred, strain relieved to EN 50262 and hermetically sealed to the highest protection class IP68.

The range also includes Skintop Click-R, with a reducing seal insert. Specifications for both versions include -40 to 100oC (static) and -20 to 80oC (dynamic) temperature ranges and 16, 20 and 25mm sizes.

Second on the list are two versions of Quadrants Telegrtner SimFix rugged RF connector. SimFix Pro is an improved, third generation version of the original connector while SimFix ST is a completely new design, with a shorter body. SimFix Pro and ST are protected to IP68 and IP67 respectively.

SimFix Pro is designed for 1/2 and 7/8in feeder cables, results in a shorter, slimmer connector while maintaining, or possibly improving, performance. This design accounts for dimensional changes in cable types RFA, LCF A-types, AVA and others.

SimFix ST can replace all 7-16 SimFix Pro connectors for indoor applications. ST versions omit the rear cable sheath O-ring, providing a shorter, more cost-effective design.

Third up is Aercos Deutsch Quick Connect (QC) range of circular connectors designed as cost effective, rugged, quick-latch connectors for demanding environments.

Manufactured from Ultem, a high temperature, corrosion resistant, composite material, the QC range features a quick-latch mechanism with audible mating click. To disengage, simply press the coupling mechanism. This feature ensures connectors cannot unmated by pulling or accidentally stressing the cable.

Available in two, seven, and 12-way configurations with the two-way version capable of handling 13A per contact, the QC range is designed to provide users with the flexibility of choosing between a simple wire seal, compression gland or over-moulding to provide environmental sealing up to IP68.

Last but not least is Acal Radiatrons selection of circular power and signal connectors. Manufactured by Bulgin, the IP68 Buccaneer range covers four series engineered to simplify design and installation while assuring easy and reliable field connection. Each series offers a selection of power and signal options, letting customers select the most appropriate connector or combination. Approvals include UL, CSA and VDE. Each range offers flex-cable, in-line flex-cable and panel-mounting options.