Maximum support for MicroTCA

Set to fulfill the management needs of data-intensive MicroTCA applications such as telecom, military, medical and image and video processing, Kontron’s modular AM4904/AM4910 MicroTCA Carrier Hubs (MCHs) support four different high speed fabrics. The modular Kontron AM4904/AM4910 MCHs comes in four versions: a pure Gigabit Ethernet switching MCH (Kontron AM4904-BASE), in combination with a PCIe mezzanine (Kontron AM4904-PCIE) or with sRIO (Kontron AM4904-SRIO), and for high bandwidth demands, with 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching (Kontron AM4910)

All versions provide central management and data switching functionality on a full-size, single-width Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) form factor. Equipped with a powerful 600MHz PowerPC 405EX processor for MCMC functionality and switching management, they enable highly efficient, redundant system architectures with up to 12 AMCs, two cooling units and four power units. With a focus on high-performance applications, Kontrons latest MCHs are a perfect fit for data-intensive MicroTCA based communication applications in both telecom including 3G, LTE and network test equipment and non-telecom markets such as military, medical, test and measurement, as well as image and video processing applications.

To provide support for various Telco clocks, all Kontron AM4904/AM4910 MCHs feature a sophisticated clock implementation and a PCI Express Fabric Clocking distribution. They also include high-performance features such as a wire speed, Enterprise-Class Ethernet switch with Layer 2 switching and Multi-Cast support including full 4K VLANs and Link Aggregation, Quality-of-Service support (QoS) and a packet classification engine for flexible Access Control Lists. A full set of standard management interfaces including: a user friendly CLI, SNMP, IPMI and Web access enable easy initialization and controlling of the MCHs switching and management functionality. External systems or shelf managers can connect to the Kontron MCHs via the Ethernet front panel ports. Special care has been taken to guarantee full support of the PICMG MicroTCA.0 standard by testing with the Polaris test suite for MicroTCA MCHs.