Microchip Technology nanoWatt XLP Resource Center opens

Element14 has launched a dedicated, interactive Microchip Technology nanoWatt XLP Resource Center, providing a single place to download critical technical documentation, ask questions to industry experts and share low power technology experiences with colleagues around the world. Microchip has a broad offering of more than 50 8- and 16-bit PIC microcontrollers with nanoWatt XLP eXtreme Low Power technology, for the worlds lowest sleep currentsas low as 20 nAenabling battery life of up to 20 years. The PIC microcontroller XLP portfolio provides designers with a rich and compatible low-power migration path that includes on-chip peripherals for USB and mTouch capacitive touch sensing, said Malcolm Campbell, Microchips Global Channel Sales director.

Our eXtreme Low Power MCUs, along with an extensive offering of all Microchip products, are available off-the-shelf from Newark and Farnell (and Premier Electronics in China). The latest addition to their comprehensive offering is the new XLP Community within element14, which brings together all aspects of Microchips XLP product offering, while enabling engineers to collaborate and discuss the benefits and applications of XLP for their designs.

The ability for element14 to showcase technologies, such as Microchips nanoWatt XLP technology, is making a difference to electronic design engineers around the world who are under immense pressure to develop products with very fast time to market and meet a plethora of legislative and environmental criteria, says Joanne Volakakis, Global Marketing Manager. We are thrilled that Microchip has seen the inherent opportunities of element14 and have worked with us to create this space.

The element14 site was launched in June, and brings Web 2.0 to the global design engineering community, along with open access to more than 10,000 technical documents. Unlike mainstream social networks, element14 users can, not only broadcast their personal status and discuss and post content, but also collaborate on designs in a public, restricted or private space.