Mil connectors sensors and more

Aerco is using DSEi 2009 to showcase products for the defence, military and aerospace industries. Aerco products on display will include connectors, electromechanical actuators and sensors, cable, wire and fibre-optic products, fans and blowers, fuses, position sensors and electromagnetic and electro-optic products.

As a leading supplier of high quality connectors from world-class suppliers, Aerco will show an extensive range of military connectors including Deutsch D38999 connectors in high current circular, rugged and shielded RJ45 and Quadrax formats. Also on show will be HBB connectors from Hypertac that are rated up to 750A for use in high power military applications, AB05 connectors from AB Connectors that are lightweight, environmentally sealed and solvent resistant and a new range of D38999 connector backshells from Glenair.