Modular connector system can now accept fluids

The two-position module is suitable for water and other fluids, as well as air, and has a maximum operating pressure of six bar. It can be mounted in custom aluminium frames, alongside modules for other services such as power and signal if appropriate, or is suitable for DIN housings. One of its main features is the ability to be serviceable for up to 15,000 mating cycles. An M5 female thread on the connection side allows standard male couplers or quick-release couplers to be attached.

The ODU MAC consists of modules that are assembled in housings, available in four different sizes, or in an aluminium frame in a length selected for a specific requirement.

In addition to fluids, modules are available for transmitting LF/ HF signals, power, bus signals, fibre optics and compressed air. Modules for different services can be mounted together in a common frame and are particularly suited to docking connector applications.