More choice, smaller batches

Switchtec is offering a custom design service for purchasers of Euroclamp connectors and terminal blocks. Special designs and colour combinations can be ordered in batches as small as 1,000 pieces, enabling those with smaller projects to use the service.

Alongside Euroclamps standard green product range, buyers can now specify terminal blocks and connectors in orange, red, blue, grey and black. Special designs can be used to add value to the final product, for example one customer requested that terminal blocks feature a hole above each terminal in which to insert a test probe. This enabled the user to test the host equipment safely and efficiently.

To achieve these variations, Euroclamp has invested in new machinery with flexible production capability for minimal production quantities and fast delivery. Enquiries for special order products should be addressed to Switchtec, which can also supply all standard Euroclamp terminals and connectors
ex-stock in the UK.