More springs, more choice

Hundreds of additional items feature in the latest Lee Spring’s catalogue including high performance beryllium copper battery springs, Redux wave springs, constant force springs and 200 more sizes of stainless steel Lite Pressure compression springs. Designed to provide endurance in rugged applications, the new beryllium copper battery springs are designed to be hard wearing with a silver coating to enhance electrical and thermal conductivity and make soldering easier.

Over 200 Redux wave spring sizes have been included and the maximum hole diameter in which they will operate has been extended to 44.45mm. Manufactured in stainless steel type 17-7 PH these springs are ideal in static or slightly dynamic applications where space is critical.

Manufactured from high yield 301 stainless steel strip, constant force springs exert a near constant restraining force. Four life cycle ranges are offered covering loads from 1.02 to 73.42N. Typical applications include counterbalance springs, car seat belt and cable retractor mechanisms.

Finally, 200 more sizes of the companys Lite Pressure compression springs in type 316 stainless steel have also been added. Designed to combine low spring rates with large diameters these high index springs deliver from 7 to 35kPa pressure at 80 per cent deflection.

Lee Springs custom spring design and manufacturing service has also been strengthened with a dedicated email and technical team. Completing the catalogue are several data pages featuring a specifications and tolerance guide, glossary, geometric solutions, conversion data and mathematical symbols.