Multibend and Flexiform cables on the shelf

As a UK franchised distributor for Habia Cable, Aerco now supplies both the Multibend range of high performance, flexible, coaxial cables and Flexiform a hand-formable, co-axial cable used by the RF and communications industries worldwide. Multibend is designed as a flexible alternative to semi-rigid cables and provides excellent shielding, far better than standard RG cables, has low attenuation losses, is mechanically strong with high resistance to vibration and, because of its high-temperature dielectric, has a very high power capability.

Flexiform cables are used as an alternative to traditional, semi-rigid cables and are now available with an increased range of impedances. A new product, Flexiform L, is a low-loss version and is available in 0.25in and 0.141in diameter that provide a reduction in attenuation of 15% and 10% respectively and will ensure improved call quality in base station antennas.