New functions on Rutronik’s Webg@te eCommerce platform

With its Webg@te eCommerce platform, Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente has offered stock around the clock over the past five years. Rutronik has now redesigned the Webg@te to be even more informative. As of now, users will be able to look up alternatives for most articles quickly and easily. This way, the customer can conveniently find replacements for discontinued articles, equivalent products with a shorter delivery time as well as possibly less expensive alternatives from other manufacturers. Technical support by Rutronik product specialists rounds off the online offer. Behind Webg@te is a multifunctional online tool which, apart from the product catalogue, includes a product change notifications database and procurement. Once again, Rutronik has expanded the functions of the product catalogue.

As of now, the user is able to look up a suitable alternative for many articles quickly and easily, simply at the touch of a button. Based on the technical parameters, a search for an equivalent replacement is initiated. The search results will be sorted and displayed automatically according to the degree of conformity. Differences in the specifications will be displayed in colour.

This new function allows the Webg@te user to find quickly a suitable replacement for a discontinued article. Should a customer require a product at short notice, but which is currently not in stock, he is able to find an immediately available alternative by using the new function. Due to the alternative search, cost transparency increases at the same time. The customer can see at which price comparable products from other manufacturers are available.

In addition, it is now possible via an online form to ask questions about any product in the catalogue. The inquiry will be forwarded directly to the appropriate product manager, who will process it immediately and answer by e-mail. This way, Webg@te not only offers an online catalogue but also personal customer advice and support.

”Webg@te has proven itself as a useful addition to our service. This allows us to guarantee 24-hour availability of goods and information, while also significantly optimising the ordering process for smaller order sizes”, explains Tilo Rollwa, Sales Manager Europe at Rutronik. ”We would like to continue optimising our online service with the new alternative search. Of course, this does not replace our customer service on the contrary: We are adding to it flexibly, depending on customer desire and requirement. Our price levels can compete with all other catalogue distributors, although, of course, we offer a personal service.’