New kid on the block

Ideal for medical imaging, conferencing, cable TV broadcast, sport and point-of-view applications, the FCB-H11 is Sony’s second high definition FCB block camera, available from Premier Electronics. A new day/night function enables the camera to capture quality colour images during the day and clear, black-and-white images at night with the flexibility to capture and output from standard definition (SD) to full high definition (HD).

The FCB-H11 HD camera module incorporates a 1/3-type HD CMOS image sensor with approximately two million pixels and a 16 by nine aspect ratio, making it ideal for use with wide screen displays.

With its built-in zoom lens, picture freeze function, SPOT AE function and slow shutter, the FCB-H11 is said to be ideal for applications that require dynamic, high-resolution images, and flexible outputs. Typical applications could include intelligent CCTV/security and environments that require remote shooting such as surgery lamps, crane control, remote vehicle and motor sport.

Weighing around 120g and measuring 47.2 by 43.1 by 72.2mm, the FCB-H11 can be used across the 0 to 45degreeC temperature range and requires a single 6 to 12V power supply.