New low impedance capacitors

Nichicon have developed the CL series to meet todays market requests for small size and high performance, high density mounting’, ‘low impedance’ and ‘high reliability’. This low impedance chip type aluminium electrolytic capacitor is suitable for automotive, industrial and consumer markets including Flat TV and telecommunication applications. The CL series has reduced the impedance value by 10-40% over the current low impedance CD series offered by Nichicon. In addition to the decreased impedance value and increased ripple current value the CL series is available with a voltage range from 6.3v up to 35V as a standard catalogue item. Featuring an extremely wide operating temperature range of -55c to +105c, the endurance guarantee at 105C is 2000 hours.

Nichicon special features such as a higher anti-vibration bottom plate and Bismuth-free termination are also available upon request. With factories certified to ISO9000 Nichicon have also acquired automotive certification to ISO/TS16949 and all products are fully ROHS compliant.

SMD type
Range of rated voltage: 6.3-35V
Range of rated capacitance: 10-1800F
Category temperature range: -55C to +105C
Size of product: 4×5.8L to 10x10L(mm)
Endurance: 105C – 2000 hours