New QTouch library opens its doors

Atmel Corporation has announced a new release of the Atmel QTouch Library, a royalty free software library providing access to QTouchM technology. Without the need for external devices, the QTouch Library adds capacitive touch of pre-compiled and object code binaries, which can be configured individually as touch keys, or combined in groups to form sliders, navigation wheels or combinations of all these. The QTouch Library allows full user customization and optimization of the touch function. Atmels complete Development Tools System, available now, makes it easy to develop a reliable high-performance touch application based on the AVR and AVR32 microcontrollers. With the market leading AVR and AVR32 microcontrollers, adding touch functionality to the application is done while still allowing the majority of the microcontroller resources to be used for the application software. Adding touch capability to the users application is a unique feature with the QTouch Library which Atmel offers due to the high performance of our microcontrollers. Other industry alternatives use all the microcontroller performance for the touch function, not allowing for any application software to run reliable simultaneously, said Ingar Fredriksen, Atmels AVR Product Marketing Director.

This extension of the QTouch Library allows Atmel to offer our superior touch technology for a full range of AVR and a selection of AVR32 UC3 devices. Atmels customers can freely select one of our tinyAVR, megaAVR, XMega or AVR32 UC3A devices and add touch functionality to their design, continued Ingar Friedriksen. We have received an overwhelmingly positive response to Atmels QTouch Library, it is easy to use, and easily adds capacitive touch to users applications. The reliable and high-performance QTouch technology inspires our users to create new and innovative user interfaces. This is an important step in our strategy to offer our QTouch solution to the entire range of Atmels microcontrollers.

The QTouch Library is available now to register and download at the product web page together with AVR QTouch Studio, free frontend software supporting the two available demonstration boards ATAVRTS2080A and ATAVRTS2080B, supporting ATmega88 and ATtiny88, respectively.