New terminations offer low-cost alternative

The latest addition to the LYNX portfolio of non-ITAR microwave components is a comprehensive range of low-cost 50-ohm coaxial terminations covering the frequency range DC to 20GHz.
LYNX is a new brand resulting from the collaboration of three leading European microwave representative organisations – Elexo of France, Globes Elektronik of Germany and Link Microtek of the UK and the new terminations are available throughout Europe from any of the three LYNX partner companies.

Manufactured in the Far East to the most stringent quality standards, these terminations offer power ratings from 0.5W to 50W and are particularly suitable for use in communications and radar systems. The higher-power devices in the range incorporate cooling fins to provide optimum heat dissipation.

The LYNX terminations provide excellent performance over a wide frequency range, with low VSWRs from 1.05:1 to 1.2:1, depending on the model. They are available with SMA or N-type connectors and can be used in ambient temperatures from -40 to 70degC.

Sizes range from 8.0 (D) x 17.3 (L) mm to 62.0 (D) x 133.0 (L) mm, and the most popular models are now in stock at Link Microtek. There are no minimum order quantities.