NPI to volume

Regardless of the current economic climate, businesses with a clear vision and the right attitude, portfolio and opportunities, the outlook could be brighter than forecast. Berkshire-based subcontract electronic manufacturer, M-Tek, has chosen to steadily and organically invest in people and equipment to increase its services portfolio. Founded over 13-years ago, the company offers rapid prototyping to volume contract manufacturing services to a variety of industries.

M-Tekss latest x-ray acquisition is designed to fast inspection throughput with sub-micron feature recognition. The systems capability includes uninterrupted 360 deg rotating live oblique views around any point on a board with over 65,000 grey scale levels. Applications include multilayer board inspection, inner layer registrations, track/drilling accuracy, CSP/QFN/uBGA/BGA inspection and fault finding.

This capability, combined with rapid prototyping services and a realistic pricing strategy, reflects M-Teks commitment to providing high calibre, flexible and efficient NPI capabilities dedicated to excellence.