OCXO with low phase noise and tight stability

Precision Devices have announced the introduction of a new low noise oven controlled crystal oscillator, the OCXO-100 series. The new oscillator is manufactured at Precision Devices production facility in Cambridge, England and is produced using AT-cut or precision SC-cut crystal technology. The Precision Devices OCXO-100 series offers very low phase noise options with a square wave TTL/HCMOS or Sine wave output and is available in frequencies from 10MHz to 100MHz with three supply voltage options: 3.3V, 5V and 12V.

‘Notable features that distinguish the new Precision Devices OCXO-100 series are that it provides superior frequency versus temperature stability, as low as +/-20 parts per billion, when compared with other typical products in its class. Further benefits included low jitter, low ageing rates and the availability of very low phase noise typically -130dBc with a 100Hz offset at 10MHz’, says Chris Emmerson, Business Development Manager at Precision Devices UK.

The OCXO-100 series is supplied in a RoHS compliant 5-pin package with dimensions of 25.4 x 25.4 x 16.5 mm. Industrial applications are ably supported with a standard operating temperature range of operating -40C to +85C, with wide temperature range options available.

The new OCXO-100 series provides a cost effective frequency control solution for applications and equipment such as wireless base stations, telecom systems, synthesisers, radar, digital switching and communications equipment.